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Fitness support for the
Cancer Community

Welcome to our Community Interest 

We are moving and staying active through cancer.


It may seem intuitive to rest when you have received a cancer diagnosis but in most occasions the opposite is true. Moving and staying active through cancer is scientifically proven to be one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health.

We believe that every person diagnosed has the right to crucial fitness support but due to lack of resources this is far from the case. We aim to close this gap in cancer care with our provision.

With evidence & experience based knowledge we have created a range of inclusive physical & mental fitness programmes that will enhance the quality of life of people post cancer diagnosis.

By integrating exercise into oncology care, Team Fireflies; who have a wealth of fitness & medical expertise, support people through all the stages; before, during & beyond treatment.

We offer services across the board including provision for individuals, public services & private companies.

Created for people who have had a cancer diagnosis by people who have lived through their own; we know how devastating a cancer is. We have experienced the brutal treatment and we know how bodies and lives change forever.


Fireflies provides not only professional expertise but comfort & the opportunity to connect with others in similar situations via private groups & organised meet-ups. This is an invaluable support & often long lasting relationships are formed.

Welcome to the Fireflies Family where we use the darkness we have experienced to shine even more brilliantly.

Our support

We deliver support to people with a Primary or Secondary cancer diagnosis. Our provision looks after the needs of both physical and mental fitness; it is fun and empowering and offers social and supportive connections with others.

We offer face-to-face provision and are excited to be launching our pilot online provision in February 2024.

It is important to gain consent from your medical team prior to engaging in our exercise programmes.



What is this?

It is scientifically proven that the correct exercise leading up to cancer treatment can not only reduce side effects & aid upcoming healing but can be instrumental in the success of the treatment.

Our "Prehab" provision enables people to go into treatment as strong as possible both mentally and physically.   

During active treatment

What is this?

This is worked around the consent from your medical team. Usually the aim of our "during active treatment" provision is to maintain strength & mobility; help to prevent lean muscle turning to fat, minimise side effects and to keep a healthy mind.


What is this?

After active treatment is completed we are often left with weakened bodies, minds and immune systems. Pain may need managing and often we need to start learning to live in new bodies. Our exercise and healthy lifestyle programmes are a huge benefit at this time. 

Beyond Cancer

What is this?

Often this can be one of the unexpectedly, most challenging time for cancer patients. We are used to being looked after at the hospital and can then feel lost when this ends. Our kind and caring specialists help you navigate this with the use of exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

Research studies have proved that a recurrence of cancer is at least 30% less likely with the correct, regular exercise.

Living with Cancer

What is this?

When a cancer spreads to other parts of the body it becomes incurable. However, it is often treatable and many people live well with it. Exercise can play a huge role in people reaching their full physical and mental wellness potential.

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