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Natalie was inspired to create ​Fireflies Fitness during her treatment & recovery from breast cancer. 

She was diagnosed in February 2019 whilst training for her fifth marathon. As a Registered Teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance, she was busy running Fireflies Dance School for children in London. Natalie was fit & otherwise healthy & was in the best position to take on the challenging treatment plan. Despite being strong, the surgeries & chemotherapy took their toll both mentally as well as physically.


"I could not stop thinking about other patients who were going into treatment without the level of fitness that I had. It was difficult enough to deal with as it was" she said.

Natalie kept active leading up to, during & after her treatment & is positive that it contributed to her stamina & healing. 

Currently navigating breast reconstruction & the side effects of hormone therapy & a surgical menopause, she uses exercise, well-being & nutrition to relieve her pain, lift her spirits & gain much needed energy to be the solo parenting, business running, cancer awareness spreading, fierce woman that she is! 

"I didn't know there were types of exercise that would have helped me through treatment. Luckily as a dance teacher & a very keen runner I kept very active naturally. Prior to chemotherapy I was told not to attend the gym because of my vulnerable immune system. I cancelled my membership & stopped doing any resistance work at all. I lost some lean muscle & replaced it with fat. This worsened after my surgical menopause. Knowing what I now know from completing my Level 3 Personal Training Diploma and Level 4 Cancer Exercise Specialist course I should have been doing resistance exercises the whole way through in order to save my lean muscle & deter fat gain, which can influence recurrence."

Now, in remission, Natalie is working with others to help them get through their diagnosis the best way possible.

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